Buying a CCTV on a Budget

When wanting to purchase a CCTV on a budget, it can be excruciating. There are many different things that a CCTV system can do in this day and age. There are camera’s that can read the writing on a license plate. They can record every person who comes in a wide range of your home. The CCTV camera can customers a complete spy surveillance sanctuary. These cameras are high tech and can let you spy on your neighbors down the block if that is what you want. Realistically, this type of extended surveillance using CCTV systems would be financially expensive. There are ways that people can have a CCTV system and not break the bank to purchase it. Here are several ways that you can save money and buy a high-quality CCTV on a budget.

The Monitor

You can use a monitor that you have lying around the room. You can even hook the CCTV camera system up to a TV that is not in use. This will save you money from not having to purchase one. A free monitor that you have at home is a lot better than spending several hundreds of dollars for a new monitor.

The Hook Up

To save money when purchasing a CCTV is to hook it up yourself. There are many knowledge basis and videos that show how to hook these systems up. It will help you stay on budget and save a good bit of money from hiring a professional installer. It may take you longer than a professional to get it hooked up, but it will cost you nothing for doing it yourself.

The DVR Options

When purchasing a CCTV, you can choose the DVR function. There are two types of DVR functions that can be featured with a CCTV system. One feature is the DVR standalone. It is cheaper and only captures certain images. It does not get the entire area or movement unless it is in front of the camera. It does have the record and playback method which is useful. The PC DVR option can have the videos to screen different areas and you can view it on the PC. It’s easier to look at the footage and keep important images and video that was captured. It has a timer that can be set which will tell the camera what time to stop recording. These are great features that the CCTV has to offer. The standalone DVR is the cheapest way to save money and still have the ability to review footage at a later date.


It is cheaper to use CAT5 cable instead of coax or siamese. The CAT5 cable works well with CCTV systems and is approximately 60% cheaper than regular cable. This will help you save money and stay on budget.


People can save money and receive discounts on home insurance. Insurance companies will reward you for installing a security camera. The insurance company knows that this helps to prevent crime and vanadium. It saves the homeowner money and the insurance company money from insurance claims. The CCTV is respected among insurance companies. They help to catch criminals and keep them away. Criminals are not going to break into a home that has a security camera. They will most likely go down the block to a home that has no cameras.


Staying on budget is possible when you purchase a wired CCTV system. The wired systems are cheaper than the wireless ones. Depending on what your budget is, you can buy a wired one now and later invest in a wireless one. Either choice of connection works excellent in video and audio recording. The image is clear and will keep your home safe.

The Function

The function of the CCTV system is important to research. There are many high-tech functions that can be purchased, it is hard to resist all the neat technology available. When you’re on a budget, you will need to choose only the functions that you must have. You are not going to need a high-tech camera that can read the text messages on the neighbor’s phones. You may only need to deter burglars and record your home. This is less expensive than purchasing all of the advancements that are available. This is one way to stay completely on budget and have a CCTV system recording your home.

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