Dry Vs Wet Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is one of the periodic tasks at home. It advisable to note, that carpets may become dirtiest part of the home if left unclean just a few weeks. Thorough carpet cleaning is one of the duties that I consider important and I do it once in every month. Even though I won’t do it myself, I can consider having it done by professional carpet cleaners. This does not limit me from cleaning it since the size may be small and manageable and I can always use my vacuum cleaner. When determining how to clean the carpet thoroughly, considering which option is best I rate wet carpet cleaning high. wet carpet cleaning is related to using steam cleaning or hot water extraction which has been in existence for along time. Dry carpet cleaning is rather a modern technique that is preferred by any due to it quick and promising result where there is use if various chemical detergents. Dry carpet cleaning singapore is preferred due to the quick process of cleaning hence easy to use in office where people are needed to work after hours after the cleaning or immediately. this makes dry cleaning important for such offices and working areas they can only use dry cleaning. Nevertheless both wet and dry carpet cleaning can be applied and gives a nice outcome once practiced. the difference between wet and dry carpet cleaning can be only judged by personal experience.
Why I consider wet carpet cleaning1. Thorough cleaning: using water (steam or hot water extraction) and detergent for cleaning carpet yields a good result. Steam cleaning is known for its perfect cleaning and it removes all the dust, destroys insect habitats and gives my carpet a brand new fresh appeal and smell.
2. Water is available: Yes I am near water than chemicals. Using steam water is more cheaper compared to accessing these chemical that are not really environmentally safe. Steam cleaning is one step away from the water available in the house while dry cleaners are steps away from booking, paying and accessing them.
3. Cheap: considering the easy availability of water as a resource I regard it cheaper, money wise because of the steps I need to make when I need the dry carpet cleaning. I have to book if I require the dry cleaning services.
4. Avoiding chemical: I believe that my home should be a chemical free home and I would rather not use dry carpet cleaning since they will use a lot of chemical detergents on the carpet none of which I understand the effect on my health. I would rather use the old style of steam cleaning and be assured of a pure fresh smell of the house after cleaning
5. Freshness: there is a unique freshness that comes after a hot water extraction or a wet steam cleaning. Carpets tend to feel more fresh than when chemicals in dry cleaning are used. I would prefer that freshness and that why I always opt for wet cleaning. I feel that my home should have a unique smell of freshness when my carpet is thoroughly clean by professionals and I don’t get that when they use dry carpet cleaning techniques.
Despite my backing on wet carpet cleaning it doesn’t solely give it a 100% preference for all customers being one of them therefore goes with the preference of my choice. If cleaning yields results I respect variety customer opinions that are diverse and wide as mine. Dry cleaning is quite fast compared to wet cleaning, and most people prefer dry. Most people fear wet cleaning since if not dried perfectly well, the carpet becomes a menace.
ConclusionWet carpet cleaning is an overhaul cleaning compared to any other cleaning as far as my opinion is concerned. Cheap availability of water is evidence to my support compared to the other technique used like dry carpet cleaners. Wet cleaning may result to spending little money. I applaud wet carpet cleaning because I can do it myself any time I feel like with no cost attached to it. The opinion is based on my preference with no biased information about it. I understand customers have diverse and a wide range of choices when it comes to satisfaction.

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