How Often do You Need to Service Your Fire Extinguisher

I believe each and every business and home should have a fire extinguisher. It is crucial as you never know a fire can erupt in the company and or at home and the first device that you use to put off the fire is an extinguisher. In some countries, it is compulsory for every business to have a fire extinguisher so as to ensure that they fully comply with the safety regulations laid by the government bodies responsible for ensuring the security of the employee.Are you wondering about when you are supposed to have your fire extinguisher serviced? Well, apart from owning an extinguisher it is important that you ensure that it is checked and maintained to be sure that it is still working and in good condition.
Let’s look at some guidelines on how often to have your fire extinguisher serviced.
1. Every month for regular inspection.
I always take my fire extinguisher to be serviced every month. The good thing about this check is you can either inspect it on your own or have your technician do it for you. It is important to check if the chemicals in the extinguisher that are used to put off the fire are intact. Also at this stage, if you find that the extinguisher is corroded, you have to change it as it can cause an explosion. What are we supposed to check on the extinguisher?
• Check if the fire extinguisher has any corrosion as this can cause fire outbreak.
• Check if the seals and the pin are tightly intact.
• To make sure that the fire extinguisher is not blocked as it may not be able to help you in the case of an emergency.
• To make sure that is it placed in the right area, the right position and where it is accessible.

2. Every year for essential services.
If you have used your fire extinguisher for several times, you will realize that there may be some changes. These changes can be the pressure gauge has loosened, or it is not able to release enough foam when extinguishing. Therefore visit a technician and have it checked for such faults and others that the technician might be able to detect. Since I don’t know much about fire extinguisher apart from the monthly check ups and small defects that I can detect, I always call my technician to test the fire extinguisher just to remain the safe side and be sure that it is still working.
3. For extended services after five years.
These fire extinguisher maintenance can be done after three to five years. Some of the services involve checking if the extinguisher is discharging well. At this stage, you can check if your extinguisher requires being refilled as wellFor this period the fire extinguisher has stayed for a long time and therefore requires some parts to be placed. Such components include the valve which may be worn out and also to do hydraulic testing. Also, at this time you need a professional technician to service your extinguisher as it needs to be keenly checked.
It is advisable you make sure that you have your fire extinguisher checked and after ten tears, you can have it replaced as you may realize that it is not working well too.

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